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It is difficult to say definitively what the best Broadway theater acting stage cast is as it depends on individual taste and the specific show you are watching. However there are some incredible talents working on Broadway right now. Here are a few of the following:

  • Stars: Some big names you might recognize are currently gracing the Broadway stage including Daniel Radcliffe, Sarah Paulson, Ariana Debose, and Idris Elba.
  • Critically Acclaimed Performances: Some recent critically acclaimed performances include A Strange Loop, for which Jaquel Spivey won the Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical, and The Minutes, which won the Tony Award for Best Play.
  • Long Running Shows: Some of the longest running shows on Broadway, which must be doing something right, include The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, and Chicago.

No matter what your taste, there is sure to be a fantastic Broadway show with a talented cast out there waiting for you to see it! Keep in mind that many Broadway shows announce their casts several months before they open, so you can always do some research online to see who will be starring in a show you are interested in before you buy tickets.

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