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Domestic Delivery Updates:

  • No significant delays: As of today, October 26th, 2023, there are no significant delays in domestic deliveries.However, NZ Post recommends checking their website for updates as the situation can change quickly, especially during peak seasons.
  • High contact volumes: Customer Care Centre is experiencing high contact volumes due to the holiday season. NZ Post asks customers to be patient and kind to their staff.
  • Missed a parcel?: If you missed a parcel, you can track its status or reschedule delivery through the NZ Post app or website.

Other NZ Post News:

  • NZ Post opens new Wellington ‘super depot’: A new, larger, and more automated depot has opened in Wellington to handle the increasing demand for deliveries. This is expected to improve delivery times and efficiency.
  • Kahu: NZ Post moves to recognise Māori macrons and new words: NZ Post is committed to supporting the Māori language and has updated its systems to recognize Māori macrons and new words.
  • $125k-winning Lotto ticket sat at supermarket for weeks: A winning Lotto ticket worth $125,000 went unclaimed for weeks before it was finally found at a supermarket in Auckland.
  • Rural communities concerned about postal price hikes: Rural community advocates are concerned that recent postal price hikes will cut off rural New Zealanders from essential services.
  • Police warn public over mail theft as Christmas parcel deliveries spike: Police are warning the public to be vigilant about mail theft as Christmas parcel deliveries increase.

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