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See Jazz Nights in New Zealand ​

Jazz Night in New Zealand
Jazz Night in New Zealand

Here are some resources to find jazz nights in New Zealand:

  • Eventfinda: This website is a great resource for finding all sorts of events in New Zealand, including jazz nights. You can search by location, date, and keyword. 
  • Jazz Clubs Worldwide Database: This website lists jazz clubs all over the world, including a few in New Zealand. 
  • Local jazz societies: Many cities in New Zealand have jazz societies that host regular events. You can find a list of jazz societies on the website of the Jazz Federation of New Zealand.

Here are some examples of jazz nights happening in New Zealand this week:

  • The Auckland Jazz & Blues Club is hosting a jam session on Tuesday, March 5th.
  • The Wellington Jazz Club is meeting on Sunday, March 17th.
  • The Wine Cellar in Auckland is hosting a jazz night on Thursday, March 1st.

I hope this helps you find some great jazz nights in New Zealand!

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