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Safeguard your investment with a pre-purchase inspection from Page European


Page European performs thorough inspections on second-hand vehicles to ensure you are purchasing a reliable car.

At a pre-purchase inspection, we identify any underlying issues that the vehicle may have that may be costly for you in the long run and provide you with our honest thoughts about your potential purchase.

We will do a complete assessment of the vehicle and put together a handy and straightforward record that includes all our observations. The expert technicians perform a drive test to assess the car’s steering, brakes and suspension. We will also thoroughly check the engine, transmission, battery, radiator and perform diagnostic scans.

Page European lets you know our honest opinion about whether you should purchase the vehicle or not and any repairs and maintenance that you might need to complete straight away. We recommend completing a pre-purchase inspection on any second-hand vehicle to ensure that you are not wasting money on a car that doesn’t give you the right benefits.

We are a professional and certified workshop in central Wellington city, working on Japanese and European vehicles. If you are planning to purchase a new car, get in touch with us and bring it in for a pre-purchase inspection!


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