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POS Technology launches new website


The Wellington-based point of sale specialist has recently launched its new website to ease the purchase of POS equipment for businesses in the capital city.

The new website has integrated eCommerce, where customers can browse between available products, read about their specifications and simply purchase the one that they require to run their business successfully. With a range of different product categories, customers can easily find what they are looking for by clicking on the specific product type they want to learn more about.

The purchasing journey is straightforward, but customers can also easily contact the company if they are unsure about what product to choose for their needs and if they have any questions. With products ranging from EFTPOS machines and cash drawers to scanners and printers, businesses can simply find all the point of sale equipment that they are looking for in a single space.

The new website reflects the branding and design of the company and offers an excellent and straightforward way to get your hands on any new equipment that your business needs. POS Technology is looking forward to supplying more businesses with point of sale equipment in the Wellington region. Contact us today for more information!


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