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Some Top Tips From Roof Auckland on Keeping Your Gutters Clean


Autumn is definitely among us, which is a good time to make a good inspection of your gutters, before the winter storms arrive. Keeping your gutters free from obstructions can help them flow more efficiently and keep your house free from damp and flooding, so Roof Auckland have come up with a few gutter cleaning tips, starting with cleaning the roof first.  

As most debris in your gutters comes from the roof, it is a good idea to clear the roof first, using a hard bristled brush or a blower to remove any loose debris. If you have a lot of moss growing on your tiles, then a brush will help loosen it to prevent it from being washed into your gutters when it rains. While clearing the roof area, it is a good time to inspect your guttering for any cracks or splits and ensure that any fastenings are securely in place. 

Secondly, as your gutters will most likely be full of decomposing leaves, small plants, moss and branches, you do not want to begin pressure washing your gutters until you have removed the bulk of this by hand. If you try to wash it away it will end up blocking the downpipes and the drains. The best way to remove this debris is by using a small hand trowel to scrape it away from the guttering and scoop it out. 

Specialist paints can be purchased that prevent rust from occurring and provide a protective barrier from the elements. When repainting guttering, you should first clean it with a pressure washer, give it a gentle rub back to remove dirt and allow it to dry. Once it has dried you can apply a primer before the weatherproof paint. It is not a good idea to paint plastic guttering as the paint may not adhere to it and could contain chemicals that degrade it over time. 

If your downpipes become blocked they can prevent water run-off from draining away from your roof and property. If you notice water spilling over the edge of your gutters when it rains; a blocked downpipe (or improper gutter angle) is likely the cause. 

Keeping your downpipes clean will help your gutters work to maximum efficiency. 

If you think that your gutters become clogged too quickly, fitting gutter guards may be exactly what you need. These clip on to the top of the gutters to prevent large debris from being washed into them. They are also an effective way to prevent birds from nesting in your gutters and work like a sieve to filter out the majority of dirt and debris.  

For most people, cleaning the gutters twice each year is sufficient. Once you have given your gutters a deep clean the first time, they will be easier to clean in the future. Bi-annual cleaning can help stop moss from taking hold and can wash away much of the dirt and debris before it has a chance to breakdown and solidify. Those who live in areas with a lot of trees may need to clean their gutters out every three months or invest in some gutter guards, and for more information on long run roofing, roof repairs Auckland and roofing companies Auckland please go to . 


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